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NRAU BALTIC Contest Rules

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NRAU BALTIC Contest Rules

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Sponsored by EDR, ERAU, LRAL, LRMD, NRRL, SRAL and SSA


For amateurs in Nordic and Baltic countries (ES, JW, JX, LA, LY,
OH, OHØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM, TF, and YL) to contact each other.

This competition is for individual contesters. At the same time
we will also have competition between the nations (JW/Svalbard
and JX/Jan Mayen count for LA/Norway and OHØ/Aland for OH/Finland
in this contest).


Sunday morning of the 2nd full weekend in January each year.

In year 2013:
Sunday 13th January

CW: 0630 - 0830 UTC
SSB: 0900 - 1100 UTC

Note! The CW- and SSB-parts are independent contests.

(Only 80 and 40 meters)
NOTE! New frequency limits on 40 m SSB! *** 7050 - 7200 kHz *** Contest preferred segment for 40m is 7050-7100 + 7130-7200, due some Emergency segment between 7100-7130 KHz.
CW: 3510-3560 and 7010-7040 kHz.
SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3775 and 7050-7200 kHz


A - CW

Only single operator. A clubstation may only be operated by one and the same person during the whole contest.

Also mixed-mode results (CW + SSB) will be listed.

Country Competition:

The total sum of best ten (10) CW scores and best ten (10) SSB scores
in each country will represent each country score. The results of the
country competition will also be listed.

Contest call:

CQ NRAU de ---


RS(T) + serial number starting from 001 + 2 letters showing Amt / Fylke / Län / Province / Region, e.g. 59(9)001 VN.
(See abbreviations at the end of the rules).

Note: Use different serial numbers for CW and SSB, as they are two separate contests.


Each station can be contacted once per band both on CW and SSB, i.e. two times in each part. Every correct two-way QSO with ES, JW,
JX, LA, LY, OH, OHØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM, TF and YL gives 2 points.

A QSO with wrong received message gives you only 1 point.

A QSO with a station not submitting a log will not give any points,
unless that station is found in at least ten (10) other logs.


Each worked Amt / Fylke / Län / Region etc. on each band and mode gives one (1) multiplier. (See the multiplier list below.).

I.e. the multipliers are counted separately on CW and SSB.

A QSO with a station not submitting a log will not give a multiplier, unless that station is found in at least ten (10) other logs.

Final score:

Score = (sum of QSO-points) x (sum of multipliers worked on the two bands).

Separate final scores for CW and SSB.


Send separate logs for CW and SSB.

Electronic logs on diskette or via e-mail are preferred and strongly recommended. Paper logs are also accepted.

Note: TRLog logging program supports NRAU. TRLog users should
update the NRAU.DOM file (multiplier file for NRAU
Contest in TRLog) to include the new multipliers.
The contents of the NRAU.DOM file can be found at:
- -

Cabrillo logs
As NRAU-Baltic Contest logs are using the Cabrillo format in the log
checking program, it's preferred and much appreciated if you send us
the log in the Cabrillo format.

Read more about the NRAU-Baltic Contest CABRILLO format at:
- -

Read more about the Cabrillo editor for NRAU Baltic by SM2EZT further down in these rules...
(Comment by SM3CER) h[url]ttp://[/url]

The logs (electronic or paper logs) should contain the following

At the top of each page:
- Callsign used
- Class

Every QSO row should contain the following information
(preferably in this order):

- Date
- Time in UTC
- Station (callsign) worked
- Full sent message (RST + serial qso number
+ region abbreviation, e.g. 599 001 AA)
- Full received message
- Band
- Mode
- Multiplier (if a multiplier QSO)
- QSO-points
- Duplicate mark (if a duplicate QSO)

Duplicate QSOs must be clearly recognized and marked with zero (0)
points in the log. If the Contest Committee finds an unmarked dupe,
the sum of QSO points will be reduced worth five (5) QSOs.

Summary sheet:

A summary sheet must always be submitted for each entry
(i.e. separate summary sheets for CW and SSB).

The summary sheet must contain the following information:
- Name of the contest
- Contest date
- Callsign used
- Operator's name (+ operator's callsign, if it is not the same
as the callsign used in contest)
- Class (A or B)
- Number of QSOs per each band
- Number of duplicate QSOs per each band
- Sum of QSO points per each band
- Number of multipliers per each band
- Total number of QSOs
- Total number of duplicates
- Total QSO points
- Total number of multipliers
- Final score

The summary sheet must also contain the declaration (below)
with signature and the mailing address. In e-mail logs also the
summary sheet may be in electronic form.


Include the following signed declaration in your summary sheet:

"I have observed all competition rules as well as regulations for
amateur radio in my country. My report is correct and true to the
best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the decisions of the
Contest Committee".

Electronic logs:

IBM/MS-DOS PC-standard computerized logs are highly recommended
to be submitted on diskette logs (3,5"). Used database format is not
critical, but it must be an ASCII-file. For example TRlog-files and
ARRL log-standard are accepted.

Basic rules:
Only one QSO / row. Each row must contain the information described
in the Log-format section.

If you send your log and summary sheet on diskette, no paper log
nor summary sheet is necessary.

The diskette must be clearly labelled with your contest callsign,
contest name, class and date of the contest. CW and SSB portions
can be on the same diskette. A SASE is needed if you want your
diskette returned.

Use the following standard (callsign.mode) for naming the log files:

CW: OH2XYZ.CW (CW-log), OH2XYZ_S.CW (CW-summary)
SSB: OH2XYZ.SSB (SSB-log), OH2XYZ_S.SSB (SSB-summary)


Awards to the first three on CW and SSB in each country.

Also the best five CW + SSB participants will be awarded (both CW
and SSB contests must have been participated).

Additional or fewer awards depending on the number of contestants.

Every participating country can on their own judgement award
additional prices.


For every unmarked duplicate QSO found by the Contest Committee
the total QSO points will be reduced worth five (5) similar QSOs.

If the log shows more than 2% unmarked dupes, the log will be

Violation of the contest rules or the regulations for amateur radio
in your country as well as unsportsmanslike behaviour can also lead
to disqualification.


The arrangement alternates between SSA, NRRL, EDR, ERAU, LRAL, LRMD
and SRAL in that order. For correct mailing and e-mail addresses see
the invitation each year.

Log deadline:

Logs and accompanying sheets, addressed to the organizing League,
must be e-mailed or postmarked not later than January 31st same year
as the contest.

-------------------- ooo --------------------

-------------------- ooo --------------------

Manual input of a paper log
SM2EZT has made a program for manual input of a paper log after the
contest. The output file will be a CABRILLO-file for checking your
log in a log checking program.

Cabrillo editor for NRAU Baltic by SM2EZT
(Version 1.11 - 21 January 2006)

It's only one .exe-file called NRAUMan.exe (526 kB).
Due to restrictions from the server provider we have to
distribute the file as a .zip-file called (261 kB).

Download the program at:
- -

How to install: Save in a temporary directory, unzip the file using
WinZip or similar, use File Manager to put NRAUMan.exe in a folder
that you prefer (example: C:/Program/NRAUMan).

For instructions "How to make your log" go to:
- -

-------------------- ooo --------------------

Multiplier list for NRAU-Baltic Contest:

(Unique abbreviations of Amt / Fylke / Län / Province / Region):

ES - Estonia (16 multipliers):
HR Harju
HM Hiiu
IV Ida-Viru
JR Järva
JG Jögeva
LN Lääne
LV Lääne-Viru
PU Pärnu
PL Pölva
RP Rapla
SR Saare
TL Tallinn
TA Tartu
VC Valga
VP Viljandi
VO Vöru

LA - Norway (21 multipliers):
AK Akershus
AA Aust Agder
BU Buskerud
FI Finnmark
HE Hedemark
HO Hordaland
JA Jan Mayen
MR Möre og Romsdal
NT Nord Tröndelag
NO Nordland
OP Oppland
OS Oslo
RL Rogaland
SF Sogn og Fjordane
SV Svalbard/Björnöya
ST Sör Tröndelag
TE Telemark
TR Troms
VG Vest Agder
VF Vestfold
OF Östfold

LY - Lithuania (15 multipliers):
AT Alytus
KN Kaunas
KM Kaunas-city
KI Klaipeda
KD Klaipeda-city
MM Marijampole
PA Panevezys
PN Panevezys-city
SU Siauliai
SI Siauliai-city
TG Taurage
TI Telsiai
UT Utena
VV Vilnius
VU Vilnius-city

OH - Finland & Aland Islands (20 multipliers):
AL Ahvenanmaa
EK Etelä-Karjala
EP Etelä-Pohjanmaa
ES Etelä-Savo
IU Itä-Uusimaa
KU Kainuu
KT Kanta-Häme
KP Keski-Pohjanmaa
KE Keski-Suomi
KL Kymenlaakso
LA Lappi
PM Pirkanmaa
PO Pohjanmaa
PK Pohjois-Karjala
PP Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
PS Pohjois-Savo
PH Päijät-Häme
SA Satakunta
UU Uusimaa
VA Varsinais-Suomi

OX/OY/OZ - Denmark, Greenland, Faeroe Islands (16 multipliers):
GR Grönland

FA Färöarna

BH Bornholm
FB Frederiksborg
FY Fyn
KH Köbenhavn
NJ Nordjylland
RI Ribe
RK Ringköbing
RO Roskilde
SS Storström
SJ Sönderjylland
VJ Vejle
VI Viborg
VS Västsjälland
AH Århus

SM - Sweden (21 multipliers):
BL Blekinge
DA Dalarna
GO Gotland
GA Gävleborg
HA Halland
JL Jämtland
JO Jönköping
KA Kalmar
KR Kronoberg
NB Norrbotten
SE Skåne
SL Stockholms Län
SO Södermanland
UP Uppsala
VL Värmland
VB Västerbotten
VN Västernorrland
VM Västmanland
VD Västra Götaland
OR Örebro
OG Östergötland

TF - Iceland (1 multiplier):
IS Island

YL - Latvia (26 multipliers):
AI Aizkraukle
AU Aluksne
BV Balvi
BA Bauska
CE Cesis
DG Daugavpils
DO Dobele
GU Gulbene
JP Jekabpils
JE Jelgava
KV Kraslava
KG Kuldiga
LI Liepaja
LM Limbazi
LU Ludza
MD Madona
OE Ogre
PR Preili
RE Rezekne
RR Riga
SD Saldus
TS Talsi
TU Tukums
VK Valka
VR Valmiera
VE Ventspils

-------------------- ooo --------------------

Future dates for NRAU - Baltic Contest

Year Date Organizing League
---- ---- -----------------
2013 13/1 ERAU - Estonia
2014 12/1 LRAL - Latvia
2015 11/1 LRMD - Lithuania
2016 10/1 SRAL - Finland
2017 15/1 SSA - Sweden
2018 14/1 NRRL - Norway
2019 13/1 EDR - Denmark
2020 12/1 ERAU - Estonia
2021 10/1 LRAL - Latvia
2022 9/1 LRMD - Lithuania

-------------------- ooo --------------------

The Scandinavian and Baltic Contest Managers

EDR - Experimenterende Danske Radioamatorer

Peter Müller
Postboks 29

E-mail: oz3abe(at)

ERAU - Estonian Radio Amateurs Union

Tõnno Vähk
Merivalja tee 5-W308

Phone home: +372 56 800 447
Phone mobile: +372 51 590 19
E-mail: es5tv(at)

LRAL - Latvijas Radio Amatieru Lîga

Agris Belasovs
P O Box 105

Phone mobile: +371 29 366 773
E-mail: yl2vw(at)

LRMD - Lietuvos Radijo Megeju Draugija

Jurgis Ignotas
P O Box 15

Phone: +370 652 731 48
E-mail: ly2cy(at)

NRRL - Norsk Radio Relae Liga

Stein-Roar Brobakken
pobox 5
NO-2853 Reinsvoll

skype: la6fja
E-mail: la6fja(at)

SRAL - Suomen Radioamatooriliitto ry

Jussi-Pekka Sampola
Tölbyn niittytie 238
FI-65460 TÖLBY

Phone: +358 40 837 1232
E-mail: oh6rx(at)

SSA - Sveriges Sändareamatörer

Jan-Eric Rehn
Finstavägen 26, 7 tr.

Phone home: +46 60 56 88 73
Phone mobile: +46 70 663 86 25
E-mail: sm3cer(at)

-------------------- ooo --------------------

This contest is known to be supported by:

N1MM Logger:
OH2GI Ham System:
SD by EI5DI:
TLF (Linux) by PAØRCT:
TR by N6TR:
Win-Test by F5MZN:
WriteLog by W5XD:
YP-Log by VE6YP:

SM3CER Contest Service Software Page:

-------------------- ooo --------------------


NRAU.DOM file for TR-Log:

NRAU-Baltic Contest CABRILLO format:


-------------------- ooo --------------------

Please send corrections/changes/new rules/results to:
Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER

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